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Çar – kurdische Kinderlieder


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Auf “Çar” sind acht kurdische Kinderlieder zu hören, zwei Schlaflieder werden von Ciwan Tengezar gesungen, die übrigen sechs Lieder von seiner Tochter Lorîn Heja.

The song lyrics are sung in Kurdish-Kurmancî dialect.

The songs are about flying, a trip around the world, a kiss, and a playful use of numbers, days of the week and seasons. The meaning of colors is questioned and two lullabies sing children to sleep.

The album is not only for children, it's a great way for adults to learn Kurdish too!

1 review for Çar – kurdische Kinderlieder

  1. Kurmanc

    Albuma duyem kengê derdikeve?

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